Officers searching for Whyte. (Jeff Stein/Ithaca Voice)

Ithaca, N.Y. — New details have emerged about the wild chase that led to a man’s arrest in early August.

Corbin Whyte, who previously beat a 2010 murder charge in court, was wanted for violating parole when Ithaca police tried stopping him.

Police have said that Whyte instead sped off, starting a chase that culminated in his arrest in the woods, according to records.

Officers searching the woods the day of Whyte’s arrest. (Jeff Stein/Ithaca Voice)
Officers searching the woods the day of Whyte’s arrest. (Jeff Stein/Ithaca Voice)

Documents released on Thursday shed more light into the incident.

Here’s what they say:

On Aug. 6 around 5 p.m., Whyte was directed to stop his vehicle by police officers at a parking lot on Floral Avenue in Ithaca.

Police told Whyte to get out of his car and that he was under arrest for violating parole.

Whyte told the officer that he had to put his hands down to shift his car into park, records show.

It was then that Whyte sped off, records say, driving at a “high rate of speeding … jumping over the curb, re-entering the roadway” and then crashing into an unmarked Ithaca Police Department vehicle occupied by an officer.

Whyte then hit another vehicle, causing “moderate injuries,” according to Officer Jamie Williamson. After being slowed down by a flat tire, Whyte ran into nearby woods, where he was arrested.

Damages from the accident were later estimated to cost almost $3,500.

Whyte now faces the charges of unlawful fleeing from a police officer in the 3rd degree, criminal mischief in the 2nd degree and resisting arrest. Whyte was also issued several traffic tickets for the infraction that left “moderate injuries” to one person.

Corbin Whyte.

The 30-year-old had been to trial for a 2010 murder on three separate occasions, according to a report by WHCU.

All three times, juries failed to render a verdict on his guilt. The case was dropped in December 2013.

Whyte was, however, sentenced for tampering with physical evidence — a felony, said WHCU.

District Attorney Gwen Wilkinson said that Whyte moved to Florida after the murder charge.

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