Police Chief John Barber's unmarked vehicle was struck by what police have called a drunken driver. Christopher Rundt is still wanted. (Courtesy of police)

Ithaca, N.Y. — An Ithaca man accused of drunkenly driving into the police chief’s vehicle before starting a two-week chase that ended in Virginia has been charged locally, according to court documents.

Christopher Rundt, 23, has been charged with the misdemeanors of reckless driving and leaving the scene of a personal injury accident, as well as the traffic violations of unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle and failure to keep right.

Those charges will likely be upgraded. Police have said Rundt, a parolee, was drunk when he crashed into Police Chief John Barber’s unmarked vehicle on June 17.

Rundt then fled the scene of the crash and remained on the run, police said. He stole two cars, including one with a gun inside, as he eluded police through Trumansburg and Ontario County, according to authorities.

Police Chief John Barber’s unmarked vehicle was struck by what police have called a drunken driver. (Courtesy of police)

Rundt was arrested June 28 in Virginia Beach and charged with false identification and public intoxication. There was no indication he was armed.

Rundt has since been brought back to Tompkins County. He is being held in the Tompkins County Jail, officials at the jail confirmed Thursday.

Rundt will face charges here. Recently filed court documents in Ithaca City Court reveal the aftermath of the crash and present the supporting evidence for the charges filed against Rundt so far.

A police statement submitted by a 34-year-old former housemate of Rundt’s said that Rundt had been evicted three days before the crash.

The former housemate told the cops that he ran to the site of the accident — on West Clinton Street — after hearing a loud noise. There, he found Rundt talking with another driver.

Chris Rundt

“Chris (Rundt) was wearing a black t-shirt with red letters and dark colored jeans. He approached the driver of the SUV who was currently outside his vehicle,” the housemate told police. “I overheard Chris ask the other driver if he was okay multiple times.”

While the other driver went to make a phone call, Rundt took off.

“The driver of the black SUV started to make a phone call as the pair were positioned in front of the SUV,” the housemate said. “At that point I observed Christopher begin fleeing eastbound on Clinton St. I observed Chris run a couple blocks and lost sight of him.”

A little while later, the housemate identified Rundt in a photo lineup of potential suspects.

Rundt will be in court in September.

Jeff Stein

Jeff Stein is the founder and former editor of the Ithaca Voice.