Ithaca, N.Y. — Dr. Luvelle Brown, superintendent of the Ithaca City School District, said on Tuesday that a new Ithaca High School principal will likely be chosen before next spring.

IHS Principal Jarett Powers is leaving. (Courtesy ICSD TV)

“At the latest, we hope to announce a new person this spring,” said Brown, “but we will be flexible as we find that exceptional candidate.”

Ithaca High School principal Jarett Powers is leaving the school to take a position as the superintendent of the Union Springs School District, located in nearby Cayuga County. Powers’ departure was announced Monday.

“He’s had a long history at Ithaca High School where he’s grown professionally and personally,” Brown said.

Before becoming principal in 2011, Powers was a member of the faculty, teaching history courses at the school since he became a full-time teacher in 2004.

Superintendent Brown

“I’d like to think I leave the high school better than I found it, and in a strong position to continue to support student learning and achievement,” Powers said in a press release.

The graduation rate at Ithaca High School improved each year that Powers held the title of principal, the school says.

Although the district is searching nation-wide for the replacement, Dr. Brown is open to hiring from within the district.

“We have local talent; we have regional talent; and we have national talent. We’re going to be open and I anticipate folks from all three areas to apply,” Brown said in a phone interview.

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