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Ithaca, N.Y. — A storm predicted to bring winds of up to 70 mph moved through the Ithaca region around 6 p.m. Tuesday evening, bringing down wires, cutting off residents’ power and causing at least part of a tree to land on a TCAT bus.

There were no reports of injuries in the area as of 8:30 p.m.

“At this time, we don’t know of any injuries or anything severe in our area,” Ithaca Fire Lt. Thomas Basher said.

“There’s been about 20 calls for EMS, car accidents, downed trees … we’re just trying to catch up right now.”

(Basher sent a press release around 9:15 p.m. saying that power was out on the west end of the city and that some traffic lights in the area were not working.)

Additionally, an official in the Groton Fire Department said around 8 p.m. that he had not received reports of any injuries.

Crews were quick to clean up downed lines and debris at Wood & Plain. (Photo submitted by Twitter user @LakeBeast)
(Photo also submitted by Twitter user Lake Beast)

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About 13,000 NYSEG customers in Tompkins County had lost power by 7:30 p.m., according to NYSEG’s website.

Responders were called to numerous downed wires and trees in Trumansburg, Lansing, Groton and Ithaca, the Tompkins County Emergency Response Dispatch Center said.

The dispatch center also said there was a structure fire in Newfield. The fire reportedly occurred on Sebring Road.

The Groton Fire Department official said that crews responded to approximately 15 incidents.

“It seems all minor at this point, just power line issues and the passability of roads,” the official said.

Around 8:30 p.m., Lt. Basher of the Ithaca Fire Department said he had heard reports of trees falling on houses.

“We’re at the phase of figuring things out and seeing what needs to be done,” Basher said. “We think the worst has passed.”

A reader submitted photos showing at least a portion of a tree falling on a TCAT bus on State Street:

Flights to and from Pennsylvania were canceled during the storm, according to the Ithaca Airport’s website.

Reports of the storm from social media:

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