Ithaca, N.Y. — Ithaca’s lawyers will meet with the attorneys for Christopher Miller about a possible settlement in a lawsuit now in its fourth year, according to federal court documents.

Miller, a former Ithaca police officer, sued the city, former Police Chief Ed Vallely and several others in 2010, claiming that he was discriminated against and passed over for promotion because of his race. Miller is white.

In 2012, a federal jury awarded Miller $2 million on the basis of his job discrimination claims, according to That decision was later tossed by a judge who ordered a retrial in December 2012, according to The Cornell Daily Sun.

The legal wrangling has continued since then. Since the judge’s December 2012 decision, the sides have filed a collective 48 legal motions, including requests for transcripts, requests to reject transcripts, motions for “supplement pleadings” and motions to quash motions for supplement pleadings.

It’s not clear whether the settlement conference has a chance of putting an end to the lawsuit, which has now seen 577 separate motions filed and involved more than a dozen Ithaca police officers.

Ari Lavine, the city’s attorney, did not respond to multiple requests for comment about the case.

A.J. Bosman, Miller’s attorney, was unavailable for comment last week and is now away on vacation until around the end of July, according to staff in her office.

The settlement conference was ordered by Judge David E. Peebles, according to federal court records.

Judge Lawrence Kahn had recused himself from the case, and it was randomly reassigned to Peebles.

Jeff Stein

Jeff Stein is the founder and former editor of the Ithaca Voice.