Trumansburg, N.Y. — The 24th Annual Finger Lakes GrassRoots Festival started rocking at 1 p.m. Thursday at the Trumansburg fairgrounds.

The Bubba George Stringband kicked off the festival at the Infield stage — one of four stages featuring dozens of acts over the next four days.

GrassRoots attendees have taken to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to document their festival adventures.

Here are our 10 of our favorite photos from the festival so far:

1. The Newman Brothers of Ithaca, whose members grew up just west of the city, in Enfield, took the Cabaret stage around 2:30 p.m. Thursday.

Before their performance, there was some monkeying around on the fairgrounds.

(Photo Courtesy of Grassroots Festival Facebook page)

2. Some festival-goers started lining up hours before the event started. @calligol’s Instagram post included a shout-out to Evan Friedell, the lead vocalist for Jimkata. Jimkata will play the Grandstand stage at 12:30 a.m. Friday night.

(Photo by @calligol)

3. Shortly after the festival began, @amackdavis captured a shot one festival-goer who was having a little too much fun.

The photo was captioned: “Hour 2 into #Grassrootsfest and this guys donzo #moderationiskey #drunkhippies”

(Photo by @amackdavis)

4. Just before the gates opened at 11 a.m., Shera of Ithaca shared a photo of everyone lining up outside.

#GrassRoots and #GrassRoots14 are being used to share photos and messages about the festival.

(Photo by @artistshera)

5. The festival has its own Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Keep up with GrassRoots’ tweets @GrassRootsFest and photos @flgrassrootsfest. Festival staff snapped a photo of the gates and greeted guests: “Welcome to paradise, leave your worries at the gate.”

(Photo Courtesy of @flgrassrootsfest)

6. Summer music festivals are known for their wildness. One Instagram user prepared for GrassRoots with some tribal body paint.

(Photo by @whitetrashon)

7. Wagner Vineyards of Lodi, NY, has an important announcement for everyone at GrassRoots: “The beer & wine gardens are open for business!”  

(Photo Courtesy of @wagnerflx)

8. Stan Stewart of Ithaca, New York, is sharing a series of GrassRoots photos on Twitter and Google+. He snapped this shot of Honey Spice performing at the Grandstand stage earlier this afternoon.

(Photo by @muz4now)

9. Festival-goers in search of snacks can check out the GrassRoots World Cafe.

(Courtesy of the Grassroots Festival Facebook page)

10. One Instagrammer snuck a photo from the Infield stage.

Kevin Kinsella’s performance began at 4:30 p.m. The photo features Kevin Kinsella, Richie Sterns, Eric Aceto and Hank Roberts, according to the photographer.

(Photo by @anestizakos)

The festival’s full lineup can be accessed here.