Ithaca, N.Y. – The truck driver who crashed into Simeon’s restaurant has pleaded not guilty to the two traffic violations issued to him.

Viacheslav Grychanyi, 37, submitted his not guilty plea on June 27, according to Ronna Collins, chief clerk at Ithaca City Court. He was charged with being over-length and having an inadequate braking system.

Grychanyi works for Quality Relocating Services, based in Spokane, Washington. He has cooperated with officials in the investigation of the crash, according to Ithaca City Police.

He was ticketed shortly after the tractor-trailer he was driving crashed into Simeon’s restaurant on the Commons, killing a pregnant woman inside.

“Investigators have determined that, at some point during the descent down the East State Street hill, Grychanyi lost the ability to adequately slow down the truck and trailer,” Ithaca Police Officer Jamie Williamson said in a press release.

“The circumstances surrounding how and why this occurred are currently under investigation.”

Grychanyi was scheduled to appear in city court at 11 a.m. today, according to Officer Williamson.

Photo courtesy of Kevin Latson