Welcome to the quickest way to learn the day’s most important local news.

We call it the Ithaca news cheat sheet. It features a rundown of the 10 biggest headlines from the area.

(The cheat sheet launched yesterday with 15 headlines, but readers suggested we go with 10 instead.)

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— Jeff Stein

1 — A look at $ and federal politics

Rep. Tom Reed.

2 — Ithaca mourns musician’s death

3 — GrassRoots starts! The silly photos to prove it

4 — Cornell student death suit proceeds

5 — How to fight panhandlers in Ithaca?

6 — I’ll be the judge of that, 3 say

Judge Peacock is one of the three candidates for the seat.

7 — Another step in rebuilding process

A lane of traffic on Aurora Street has reopened. (Michael J. Connor/Ithaca Voice)

8 — A cure for the blind?

Neuroscientist Dr. Sheila Nirenberg

9 — Responders pull Danby man from gorge

10 — Gov. Cuomo out to strong lead

Jeff Stein

Jeff Stein is the founder and former editor of the Ithaca Voice.