Breon J. Brooks

Ithaca, N.Y. — A convicted felon accused of possessing a stolen and loaded handgun in Ithaca had been arrested at least nine times beforehand, according to court records.

Breon Brooks, 22, was arrested while on parole in March when police found a Colt Detective special .38 caliber handgun in the glove compartment of Brooks’ car, according to court documents.

Breon J. Brooks

Police searched the green 1998 Honda Civic owned by Brooks on the morning of March 14 after a search warrant was issued by Scott Miller, Ithaca city court judge. They found the car behind Brooks’  residence on the 400 block of Green Street.

Officers who searched the car found the gun loaded with five bullets in the chamber, along with a box of Remington .38 bullets, according to court documents.

During an interview with a police investigator, Brooks admitted that he had purchased the gun and loaded it himself, records show. He also acknowledged to officers that he was on parole.

“Defendant stated that he paid ‘$200.00’ for the handgun and knowingly possessed the handgun at a time that he had been a felon and presently on parole,” according to the accusatory instrument.

The gun Brooks possessed was reported stolen to the New York State Police after a residential burglary in December 2013.

In the past, Brooks has been given two felony convictions, one misdemeanor conviction, and a youthful offender adjudication. Recently, he was convicted of Burglary in the Second Degree and Attempted Burglary in the Second Degree in 2008.

Brooks pleaded not guilty in May.