Hi, there —

Welcome to The Ithaca Voice. Feel free to make yourself at home.

Yes, really, go ahead! Nobody’s about to come around demanding a check. You’re allowed to stay as long as you’d like.

We hope you like the furnishings: the Explainers page, which gives readers a crash course on the most important issues in the community; the Story Database, which offers one place to catch up with some of our biggest ongoing stories; and the People Project profiles page, which highlights and celebrates some of Tompkins County’s most colorful personalities.

And then there are the exclusive stories, like the one on the felony charges against a member of Ithaca’s most popular band, or the one coming early next week on the TCAT official charged with taking $247K from public coffers.

Today is the first day of publication at The Ithaca Voice, our brand new website devoted primarily to covering news in Ithaca and Tompkins County. We are going to dramatically expand the amount and quality of civic and political information in the region. And we’re going to have some fun doing it.

The Voice is growing as a non-profit with the help of the Media Alliance, a San Francisco-based organization that sponsors innovative new projects in local and national news.

Our business model centers on selling valuable sponsorships to Ithaca-area businesses searching for effective ways to reach large numbers of local customers.

To make that possible, we are going to produce a website — updated more than once a day — that earns its readership. If we fail, it will be because we don’t generate the stories most relevant to your life.

The Voice will thus work to report on stories that are in-depth, enlightening, engaging and — above all — local.

We will strive to get away from the conventions of print journalism made obsolete by the Internet. We will never charge for printing an obituary. We will cover stories with an eye to their durability and impact, not to fitting a page length.

We will be honest. We will acknowledge mistakes when they are made. And we will try to give this growing, dynamic, eclectic and lovable city the local newspaper it deserves.

Here we go.

Editor: Jeff Stein

Jeff Stein

Jeff Stein is the founder and former editor of the Ithaca Voice.