Simeon's bartender Amanda Bush, 27, was killed in an accident Friday. (Courtesy of Simeon's)

Ithaca, N.Y. — Fundraising efforts have began for the family of Amanda Bush, 27, the Simeon’s bartender who was killed while working in the restaurant this weekend.

In two days, organizers have raised more than $12,000 and set a new goal to raise $20,000.

Nora Abramov started a page on after hearing about the accident.

“I’m just a random stranger, but it was a tragedy in our town that affected all of us,” Abramov said.

“As long as people keep sharing it, and people from around the country are, I’m going to keep it open.”

All proceeds from the fundraiser will go directly into a trust fund for Bush’s family, Abramov said.

Donors can give any amount, Abramov said – “anything helps.”

Mayor Svante Myrick said on his Facebook page Sunday night that he would be meeting with Bush’s family to establish a fund along with its wishes. We’ll let you know about that when we have more information.

If you wish to donate to the family of Amanda Bush, you can do so by following this link:

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