Ever try to learn a bird song but get lost in the cheeps, tweets and chitters?

The All About Birds Biology team at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology has created a tool that trains your brain so you can recognize specific series of sounds and match them with the bird that sang them.

Their secret?  Use your eyes, not your ears.

The interactive game, called “Bird Song Hero,” allows users to listen to bird songs and then match the vocals with the right spectrogram visualization — the same tool that scientists use in the lab.

The game taps the visual part of the brain, which identifies the particular qualities of each song and then stores the sound patterns for later, according to the game introduction.

Want to test yourself?

The game has two different levels, starting at “Bird Hero Song Challenge,” which introduces the listener to 20 distinct bird songs, and then graduates to “Bird Song Hero Ultimate,” which adds an extra element of difficulty with more complex songs.

Try it at http://biology.allaboutbirds.org/bird-song-hero/.