Police responded to an unconscious man inside Dewitt Mall around 1pm Monday.
Police responded to an unconscious man inside Dewitt Mall around 1pm Monday.

Employees at a store in Dewitt Mall found a man lying unconscious on the floor on Monday, according to store employees.

Bangs Ambulance, city police and the Ithaca Fire Department responded to the call and carried the man out at around 1 p.m.

Staff at GreenStar Oasis called an ambulance after discovering the man next to the Bookery.

“He had track marks all over his arm,” said Lauree Myler, manager of GreenStar Oasis at 215 North Cayuga Street, of the man.

The employees found the man unconscious. He still had a pulse, Myler said.

One fire truck and two ambulances were on the scene. Emergency responders were going in and out of the Dewitt Mall. They carried the man away on a stretcher after putting a breathing apparatus on his face.

The man was wearing a black t-shirt, had a beard and appeared to be in his early 30s. A small crowd had gathered in the hallway by the Bookery.

The man had come to the mall on previous occasions to use a bathroom on the first floor, Myler said.

The man came in again on Monday. As Myler walked back from the bathroom for employees, she saw the man talking with two others.

She returned to the store and told two of her employees to keep an eye on him. Then the other employees went into the hallway and saw the man “acting strangely,” Myler said.

The employees went to tell Myler. When Myler went back into the hallway, the man was unconscious and lying on the floor. She then took his pulse and called 911.

Police were unable to comment at the scene.